I have decided to start this blog to record and track my “adventures” at the many baseball games I attend.  I got my first ball back in 2006, thrown to me by Pirates CF Chris Duffy.  During that season, I got 5 warm up balls.  The next year, I began attending batting practice.  I caught a Sammy Sosa HR ball on 6-21-07 and was hooked.  I managed to get 33 balls in 2007.

I attend most of my games at PNC Park in Pittsburgh PA.  Its not a very good stadium for batting practice, because BP ends at 6PM, and the gates do not open until 5PM (except on Saturday where they open at 4:30).




That is TC (tracycollinsbecky) the San Diego Ballhawk ….. you will love his comments because it will take you an hour to figure out what the hell he said!

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Major League Ballhawk

As a kd and then a young adult I attended Pacific Coast League Baseball games in Los Angeles. Whe I was 9 or so a friends Dad took us to a game at Wrigley Field. The home team Angels were hosting the Padres. We sat in the right field bleachers. Lots of kids were there and most were asking for a ball. A Padres player (Tom Kipp) tossed one to us and I was lucky enough to grab it. The next season at a game held at At Gimore Field I was able to get a foul ball during the game and I was In Heaven.
Going to more games and now for batting practice the competition was unbelieveable and rarely did I get even one ball. It wasn’t until 1952 when I was 15 years old that I was able to compete. With BP, foul balls and home runs I was able to get 177. In 1953 3/4 of the way into the season I already had an additional 200 plus. After that I stopped counting. Gilmore Field held a tryout camp for Hi School Grads each year and I would get 10 or 12 each day. I was at the last PCL games in both stadiums. I got more than my fair share of baseballs. To the best of my knowledge I must have acquired 3,000 or so baseballs.

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