3-30-09 McKechnie Field, Bradenton FL

My dad and I headed to our last Spring Training game on this short trip: Reds vs Pirates at McKechnie Field in Bradenton FL. 
We got to the field around 10:20 AM and the Pirates were already half way through their round of batting practice.  Luckily, we were once again able to access the spot behind the left field fence.  I was told by a guy on Saturday that during the week the area behind the fence was off limits.  He was wrong.

Total Balls: 9
Games Attended: 3
Average: 3.0
Hit: 6
Thrown: 2
Device: 1
Total Career Spring Training Balls: 9

Note: I do not count these balls in my totals.  They will be tracked in a separate category and I will not count them in my career ball totals.


Nice job with the blog and the pictures. I had to laugh at the fat guy versus old guy rivalry. Good stuff. I can’t wait for the real deal to start up on Monday. Hopefully, I haven’t lost my late season touch that I had last year.

Erik, here is a link to the blog I just started. I will use this to keep my stats updated. http://bigglovebob.mlblogs.com/

Hey Erik, I was wondering, do baseballs from the Exhibition Games count? And how do I tell you the information for my baseballs got?

Nice blog, I’ll look forward to reading it during the season. With that big glove you may have a great chance to win the thrown balls category in our ballhawk league. Also, the Twins are using special commemorative balls this year, aren’t they?

Exhibition games do not count in our ballhawk standings, only regular season games will.

I will be sending an email out to all members of the ballhawk league with instructions of how to report your weekly stats to me. Each member of the league will just have to send me an email each Sunday, and I will post updated standings Monday morning. You should also account for each ball you got in your blog, so other members can read about your ballhawking adventures, and will not be able to question the validity of your stats.


Fascinating write-up. Those guys really seem nasty. Blame it on money. Congrats on your snags.

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