4-20-09 PNC Park

Today wasn’t looking good.  It had rained continuously throughout the day.  When my wife and I left for the ballpark at 4:25 PM, it was still pouring.  We went anyway.

For the first half hour, nothing was going on in the stadium.  The tarp was on the field, and there were no players to be seen.  There was a random ball sitting in the middle of center field, but it would’ve been impossible to reach with the glove trick.

At 5:30, the Pirates pitchers came out to stretch and toss.  The rain had relented a bit.  I went down and lined up behind Jeff Karstens, hoping for an overthrown.  It didn’t happen.  I did manage to get Craig Hansen’s warm up ball.  It was ball #1.

The Pirates left the field, and once again, nothing was happening.  We went over to right field to await the Marlins to come out and catch.
100_0875.jpgThe weather still wasn’t looking good.  Water was starting to pond on the warning track.
Not too bad, I guess.

Game:  2 balls  (2 thrown)
Season :  31 balls (13 hit, 12 thrown, 6 device)
Games:  8 games (6 with BP, 2 without)
Average:  3.88 balls per game
Career:  197 balls
Attendance:  8,790


Pirates had an early game today? It is raining up here in Boston, won’t be fun tonight at Fenway.

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Man, you have no idea how many times I have wished for that many empty seats at an Angel game out here in Anaheim! BP is so crowded and by the 4th inning each dugout is swarmed with little kids! I guess I’m just jealous of your ability to roam so freely at your home stadium. 🙂

I hate the rain, but its good that you got 2 balls. I watched the game and Bob Walk said “crappy weather, but a wonderful game by the Pirates”.


Not terrible for a game without BP…sucks that the Marlins threw inside though. Hopefully it wont be too rainy these next few days…good luck!


It’s so empty. I wish it was like that in New York.

– Donnie

I have noticed a lot of empty seats around the majors this year. They were even talking about it on ESPN. We should have a new category for the ballhawking league “purist or turncoat” You wouldn’t catch me dead outside of my Twins gear. I know that it hurts my chances of getting opposing teams to toss me a ball, but I have to look at myself in the mirror. I totally understand why people do it though and if I was ever at a neutral tilt I would probably do the same thing.

If there was ever a day to catch a game homer, that would have been the day. How exactly did McClouth’s HR ball go into the river? Did it fly all the way over those big RF seats?


I just put the wrong date when I first upped this entry. I fixed it now

Empty seats = more balls for me, but less money for the team to spend on free agents. We haven’t had a big free agent signing in a long time.

The weather was really crappy. I’ll take 2 balls on a day like that though. Every ball counts towards my 2009 goal.

Rainy for the next 2 days. I was going to go on Wed 4/22, but cancelled my plans due to more rain in the forecast.

It won’t be that empty in NY for awhile. Especially with those new stadiums.

Yesterday Matt Capps and Tyler Yates walked past me while I had the Marlins gear on. I felt guilty and tried to turn my back to them so I wouldn’t be recognized.

The ball took a bounce on the concourse and bounced into the river. Two ballhawks were right there but misplayed the ball. One of them said the other got in the way, and they also had to deal with some stupid song tent set up on the concourse. The ball sank into the depths of the Allegheny after about 90 seconds.


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