I drove out of state to attend a game and snag some balls today.  Within the first MINUTE, I suffered a gruesome injury which ruined batting practice and the day.
No, that’s not a baseball under my skin…

More later… I have to update yesterday’s 4-24 entry.


Holy Crap…Hope your back in action soon enough if that’s possible. That really sucks man, I’ve been playing baseball since I was 6 and never suffered something that bad. Again, hope you’ll be OK.


Wow dude, that does look like you stuck a baseball inside of your skin. Why did you decide to stash it, if you don’t mind me asking? This shouldn’t affect you brotha. I understand you might not be able to walk, but you should just position yourself in the best spot possible until you can actually start walking again. I’m not a doctor, so I can’t tell you what will help, but I can at least say feel better. I’m goin’ to tomorrow’s day game at Citi, so afterward I’ll email you my stats from both games this week.

– Donnie

Well, I am a doctor (I can only practice in the Philippines haha) and your ankle is officially messed up. I am going to advise a bunch of Advil and stay off of it for a couple of days. Don’t forget to ice it to reduce the swelling. Man, that looks nasty. I hope you feel better bud. The Pirates SPANKED us tonight and I got no baseballs at all. All I got was robbed twice. Oh well. I emailed you the official stats for my ballhawking for the week. I won’t even have another home game until May 4th. Uggh. Feel better.



Holy Crap. Snagging can get dangerous. I suffered a cracked rib and a skinned up leg last season. This year I almost broke my nose doing a Derek Jeter style face plant into the seats going for a line drive. (luckily I caught he ball..)
Fun Stuff,

Mike in Detroit

Aah, the dreaded rolled ankle. It will be nice and purple all the way to the toes tomorrow, so don’t forget to update the picture.

Donny in Houston

It’s Tuesday and I’m feeling about 50% better. Its still swollen. I think I’ll be back in action sometime this week.

I really couldn’t walk at all on Sunday, but I’m able to hobble around now a few days later. I’ll be back soon.

Sorry to hear you got shut out. It happens. I was shut out a hand full of times last year.

I’ve gotten my share of bruises over the past 2 years. Its worth it though when you come up with the ball.

Its pretty purple now. The entire bottom of my foot is a purple line. Both sides of the ankle are bruised. At least its feeling better today.


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