6-10-09 Progressive Field

I decided to go to this game despite a gloomy forecast of rain throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

I had changed my mind several times about going.  I had ultimately decided not to go, until the rain forecast changed from 60% chance to 50% chance at around 1PM.

Getting onto the turnpike in Pennsylvania, there were menacing clouds on the horizon ahead.
No rain drops though.

Passing into Ohio, it was just overcast.  Still no rain.
Game:  6 Balls (1 hit, 3 thrown, 2 device)
Season:  157 Balls (68 hit, 65 thrown, 24 device)
Games:  31 games (4 of which didn’t have BP)
Average:   5.06 Balls per Game
Career:  323 Balls
Attendance: 16,257


Hi Erik I have a question. To get in early for B.P., do you need to show a ticket holder card, does it say it on the ticket, or etc?

Cant wait to hear if you caught one!:)
Maybe something positive has come out of
that lose! -Ashley. http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/

Hope you caught one!
Maybe something positive came out of
yesterday’s lose, after all! http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/

* loss.😉
Wow, I suck at spelling sometimes!

Dude, I totally agree about the other ballhawk’s ball. I get that all the time from gloveless fans when I use the glove trick on balls that are resting on the field below them after they flubbed a catch. Of course they always claim rightful ownership but I just tell them that if it were really their ball, it would be in their pockets and not on the warning track or in the bullpen.

Donny in Houston


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