Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article

There is an article on page A-2 of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette about PNC Park’s ballhawks.  Quoted in the story are ballhawk league members Nick Pelescak and myself.  James Saylor, another top ballhawk at PNC Park is also mentioned.  Zack Hample, who has a stranglehold on the top spot in the ballhawk league, also gets a mention.

You can read the article online by clicking HERE.

There are also several pictures of Nick, Jim, and myself in the online version.


Wow, Erik. What a cool article… and there are some great pictures in there, too.

How awesome is it to finally have a article on ballhawks that is ENTIRELY positive? They usually try to stick a jab or two in there, but this one captures the “obsession” without all of the hype that people love to hate.

Donny in Houston

Hi Erik…

I saw that Saylor guy get Adrian Gonzalez’s HR the other night. Talk about empty seats. You’re so lucky. I wish PETCO was like that.



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