The Blizzard of 2010

If you live anywhere in the Northeast, you’ve probably experienced some snow in the past few days. 

Here in Western Pennsylvania we got 21 inches.  The snow began to fall on Friday afternoon, and didn’t let up for 24 hours.  The meteorologists were way wrong.  They originally called for 4-8 inches for the Pittsburgh area.  Clearly, they botched that call.

Here’s how it piled up in my backyard, all 21 inches of it:
A look at my backyard. 
The only setback that I had with the storm was that the cable and internet went down for about a day.  Luckily the power never went out, so I was able to stay warm.

What’s the baseball connection to this entry?  Well, I am a teacher, and school has been canceled for Monday.  Guess when our make up day is?  That’s right – April 5th – also known as the Pirates home opener. 

There’s another storm brewing for Tuesday with 4-8 more inches of snow forecast.


thats insane, we only got like an inch but nothing was sticking.

Wow, things are even rougher over here. I haven’t had school since Thursday, and basically every event in the city was canceled.
So what is the plan for Opening Day? Are you just going to skip it? Crowded day games are never that great anyways.


This snow is annoying, I want to hit and start throwing soon.

the question is will it all melt by opening day?

hey, I am going to be able to attend the diamondbacks series in september, so i was wondering if you had a dbacks shirt still

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