7-3-10 PNC Park

I had seriously considered going to Cleveland today rather than dealing with the sellout crowd at PNC Park.  However, I decided I just didn’t feel like driving four hours round trip for the fourth day in a week.

So, I gave PNC Park another try.  One small thing going in my favor would be that the gates would open at 4:30 today, as is the PNC Park policy for Saturday games.

Upon entering, batting practice hadn’t yet begun and the pitchers were throwing in left field.

Evan Meek noticed Nick and I hustling around looking for easter eggs and shouted, there’s one up there, gesturing towards the upper general admission bleachers.

After a lengthy search, no ball would be found.

After batting practice finally began, I would get ball #1 tossed to me by Pirates starting pitcher Brad Lincoln.
During the second group of Pirates hitters, I would snag a Garrett Jones home run in left field.  It was an opposite field shot that was a row in front of me, and I ended up trapping the ball against the bleacher on a short hop here:
100_3430.JPGI do believe that I will attend over 85 games, but so will Nick Pelescak, so the question may end up being who attends more?

As for the Total Balls in one season – its too early to tell if I’ll be able to continue to average over 6 balls per game.

I won’t be in action on July 4th, but have several trips lined up for next week.


Being on pace for those two records is pretty exciting. I’m envious of the fact that you’ll get to more than 85 games — awesome! Good luck in the second half.

Been reading the blog for a while, just started actually using my blog though. Anyways I was at the 6/15 CWS vs. PIT game and read the blog to see you were there. Now I’m not much of a ballhawk but I will go out for BP. I got two balls that day, one from Andruw Jones and one from another White Sox. I’m pretty sure I saw you in left field that day. Either it was you or Nick as one of you made a nice leaping catch. Hope the rest of the season goes well for you. I’d like to make it back to PNC one day but that could be hard as I live in Louisiana.


Two balls isn’t bad at all. Just read your blog. If you want your pictures to show up better, try checking the USE THUMBMAIL box when you are uploading them and set the pixels to 550. Otherwise the pictures will look squished in your blog. I had the same problem with I started mine.

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