1-23-11 Cooperstown NY

This weekend, I went to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown NY.
Cooperstown is a little over 7 hours from Pittsburgh, so we drove most of the way on Saturday afternoon and stayed overnight in Binghamton NY.

The next day, we braved the 8 degree weather and snow and made our way to Cooperstown.  There were lots of baseball shops lining Main Street on the way to Cooperstown.  Unfortunately, since it was Sunday, most of them were closed.  The Hall of Fame is open 9AM-5PM daily though.

Here I am outside of the Hall of Fame.  (I know, Where’s my coat?!)
100_6482.JPGFrom Ebbets Field:
100_6816.JPGThere was a large portion on this floor for Hank Aaron
And another section of the third floor was dedicated to Statistics.  It featured all major statistical categories with the all time career record holder and active leaders:
100_6831.JPGHere’s a short video of that section of the Hall.

Also nearby was a display case of a ball from every No-Hitter thrown in the major leagues since 1940. 
100_6840.JPGAnother brief video:

The next exhibit was a display of World Series rings dating back to the early 1900’s.
It was pretty cool.

Here are two short videos of the rings:

Near the exit of the third floor was a large display of baseball cards that included all different kinds of cards from baseball’s history.  There was another Honus Wagner 1909 card in there.
Another brief video:

We finished our trip by heading over to the library on the first floor which we missed the first time through.

Here is a view of the Gallery from the library entrance:
And the courtyard of the hall of fame with some 18 inches of snow or so burying the statues there:
There wasn’t much in this section. 

There was a small area devoted to movies:
that had old baseball movie posters
and displays:
The library section was a ghost town, everything was closed there.  The Giamatti research center, the museum, the bullpen theater.  All of it.

After several hours it was time to go.  We left a bit before 3PM and got back home around 10.
It was well worth the trip.  I wouldn’t buy a membership and go all the time, but it’s a must for any baseball fan that has never been there.  I’d say there’s pretty much something for every hardcore baseball fan there.

Coming up next:  Pirates Winter Caravan and Piratefest entries.


Nice post. Very thorough. New camera looks great. I read a few of your posts several months ago and enjoyed them, and I just re-discovered your blog while checking out a lot of the top 100 MLBlogs, since I just started one of my own. If you ever go to Los Angeles, let me know — I’ll give you a front row seat in the left field pavilion for a game or two.

Really nice post. I love all the pictures and video. I’ve always wanted to go to the Hall but have just never made the trip. I live near Chicago so it would be a two or three day trip and I just haven’t done it. I was watching the locker room video and you can hear Hawk Harelson in the background calling the play that D Wise made to save Buehrle’s perfect game. “MERCY!”
Made me laugh.

Thanks for the generous offer – I would love to get out to LA something this year. We’ll have to see. You should post the link to your blog so I can visit it along with other readers.

Glad you liked the post. I’m headed to Chicago this season for my first trip ever to Wrigley Field. I’m excited!

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