@DatDude BP Brandon Phillips Jersey Shirt Winner

has been chosen!  Watch the video to find out!

The giveaway was for this Brandon Phillips shirt.  This is the second giveaway I’ve done.  I’m posting daily leading up to Opening Day, and giving stuff away each week.  We’ve already given away this Matt Wieters shirt.   Joey Orr ended up winning that giveaway.

Keep reading, commenting, and tweeting!  By the way, if you’re wandering where the baseball I used in the video came from, it came from this game at Great American Ballpark on 10/10/10.

The next giveaway will be tomorrow.  Feel free to drop comments with suggestions about what I should give away.

Congratulations to  Matt – a great ballhawk and former member of the now-disbanded Ballhawk League that I created back in 2009.

There’s only 53 more days until Opening Day and 6 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.


How about Pirates or Tigers merch?

How about some AL east gear?

Some al west gear please


Do you know which e-mail address you sent the message to? I actually didn’t get your message on either. I did get all of your BHL updates so it seems weird. Anyway, thanks for helping me out. I really appreciate it. Here is the better address if you need it: fischerm@fordhamprep.org


How about a Chinese Wok or 12 weeks of one on one Spanish lessons?


Lol I could see my name it was right next to the winning name

Check your spam mail, I sent it to that address. Here’s what I said: Mateo,
I don’t think you can tell if the tickets are season tickets or not on stubhub. Your best bet is to buy them through ebay or I can sell you a max of two. What game(s) did you want?”

Phillies? I guess there are a lot of Phillies phans out there.

I’d rather it be something I can buy that won’t take up more of my time such as those lessons. Plus I already do that 40 hrs a week.

I’ll see if I can find any Rockies stuff. Not sure about it though.

You and Mateo (whose name was upside down) were the two closest runners up. Maybe next week?

I’ve got tons of Pirates gear. I’m debating on if I should use it soon or save it for closer to opening day.

My ideas were in jest. My sense of humor is hard to track sometimes.

Big Glove Bob

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all the baseball shirts you post are real nice.

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