Indians ticket design

I’m working on a longer posting that I’ll put up in a bit, but these two topics aren’t related, thus separate threads.

I got a bunch of Indians box office tickets in the mail today. As a full season ticket holder, I was given the opportunity to buy tickets before the general public, so I purchased a bunch for opening day and the Red Sox and Yankees series.

Check out the design:

I like it. I wish the PNC Park box office would take a cue from the Indians and feature their ballpark in the background. Instead, there’s usually some generic background.

Also, I keep checking the mail everyday waiting for my season tickets to arrive. I’m getting antsy. I have three clubs that have yet to send me my season tickets! I believe the Phillies already sent them to their season ticket holders.

Alright, back to today’s main entry…


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I like the Indians ticket design. The Red Sox ticket design in 2010 was very cool that year.
-Quinn from nybisons

Wont a yankee’s or red sox series be really crowded?

I got my Phils tix in December. It is the same design!

cool tickets

THey are nice box office tickets. I completely appreciate ticket art (and having a physical ticket as opposed to the e-ticket print outs). There is nothing better though than the Season Ticket/Plan Ticket print outs as that art usually is much cleaner. I always try and find one at a game I’m at because I’m a ticket nerd.

I like the ballpark in the background too.

The O’s have an image of OPACY with the text THIS IS BIRDLAND

Park in the background is a plus. We are spoiled with Pirates STH so we don’t have to see their mediocre single game designs too often.

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