February 2012 MLBlogs Leaders

The February leaders have been posted on MLBlogs and yours truly came in 5th place for the month of February.
Thank you to all of my readers who have been checking in on my blog.  A lot of you are fellow bloggers that have left comments.  Whenever you leave a comment, feel free to link your blog so I can check it out, or other readers browsing the comments can take a look.

Here’s the complete top 50 list:
1. Rays Renegade
2. The Baseball Collector
3. Red State Blue State
4. Plushdamentals
5. Counting Baseballs
6. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog
7. Beisbol 007
8. Rockpile Rant
9. BlueBattingHelmet
10. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
11. The Brewer Nation
12. A’s Farm
13. mlbblogger
14. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
15. The Unbiased MLB Fan
16. Pinstripe Birthdays
17. Phillies Phollowers
18. The Ballpark Guide
19. Brewers Rumors
20. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
21. nybisons
22. The Pittsburgh Peas
23. The Rays Rant
24. Bleacher Boy
25. Observing Baseball
26. The Phillies Girl Tells All
27. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
28. westsideculture
29. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
30. If You Write It, They Will Come
31. Rockin’ Redlegs
32. Cream City Cables
33. The Baseball Haven
34. Evan’s Daily Opinion
35. Los bigleaguers
36. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
37. You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!
38. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant
39. This is a very simple game…
40. The Phanatic Addict
41. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
42. Unfinished Business
43. Brewers Today
44. Minoring In Baseball
45. Sarge’s Phillies Phantasy Camp Diary
46. The Closer
47. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
48. Fish Fry
49. Collection of Baseball
50. baseballqueen

There’s a few missing blogs that I’ll mention in an attempt to get them more views and onto the leader board.
Nick Pelescak’s blog is great, as he puts up in depth summaries of each game he attends.  He’s been inactive in terms of blogging during the offeseason, but his blog should pick up again soon.
Zac Weiss is another ballhawk who writes about the games he attends.  He also has been relatively inactive.  Check his blog out during the season.
CLangan posts daily on a Phillies blog.  He’s not among the top leaders yet as his blog is new, but he did win last week’s T-shirt.

As a side note, the Pirates lost their grapefruit league opener to the Blue Jays 7-1 today.

Remember, that you can listen to the game tomorrow on the radio, and watch the Buccos on TV on Monday.

Here’s their Spring Training schedule:

Saturday, March 3 @Toronto 1:05 PM MLB.com
Sunday, March 4 vs. Toronto 1:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7
Monday, March 5 @Baltimore 7:05 PM MLB.TV MLB.com
Tuesday, March 6 vs. NY Yankees 1:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7
Wednesday, March 7 vs. Toronto 1:05 PM MLB.com
Thursday, March 8 @Philadelphia 1:05 PM MLBN (delay), MLB.TV MLB.com
Friday, March 9 @Boston 7:05 PM MLB.TV, MLBN MLB.com
Saturday, March 10 vs. Minnesota 1:05 PM ROOT SPORTS, MLBN (delay)
Sunday, March 11 @Tampa Bay 1:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7
Monday, March 12 vs. Philadelphia 1:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7
Wednesday, March 14 @Baltimore 1:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7
Thursday, March 15 @Minnesota 1:05 PM MLB.com
Friday, March 16 vs. Philadelphia 1:05 PM MLB.com
Saturday, March 17 vs. Tampa Bay 1:05 PM MLB.com
Sunday, March 18 @Minnesota 1:05 PM MLB.com
Tuesday, March 20 @NY Yankees 7:05 PM MLBN (delay), MLB.TV KDKA-FM 93.7
Wednesday, March 21 vs. Boston 1:05 PM ROOT SPORTS, MLBN (delay) KDKA-FM 93.7
Thursday, March 22 vs. Tampa Bay 1:05 PM MLB.com
Friday, March 23 vs. Detroit 1:05 PM MLB.com
Saturday, March 24 vs. Houston 1:05 PM ROOT SPORTS, MLBN (delay)
Sunday, March 25 @Houston 1:05 PM MLB.com
Monday, March 26 vs. Baltimore 7:05 PM ROOT SPORTS, MLBN (delay) KDKA-FM 93.7
Tuesday, March 27 @Philadelphia 1:05 PM MLBN, MLB.TV KDKA-FM 93.7
Wednesday, March 28 @Tampa Bay 7:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7
Thursday, March 29 vs. Minnesota 1:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7
Friday, March 30 vs. Tampa Bay 1:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7
Saturday, March 31 vs. Baltimore 1:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7


Sunday, April 1 @Toronto 1:05 PM MLB.TV, MLBN (delay) KDKA-FM 93.7
Monday, April 2 @Philadelphia 7:05 PM MLB.TV, MLBN (delay) KDKA-FM 93.7
Tuesday, April 3 @Philadelphia 7:05 PM KDKA-FM 93.7

Also, does anyone have any ideas for a new team shirt to give away.  Tomorrow is the drawing for the Dodgers shirt.  Yankees?  Pirates?  Twins?  Mariners?  Brewers?  Nationals?  What do you think.

There’s only 33 days until opening day,  and tomorrow is the drawing to win this LA Dodgers shirt.


Meh, I have been semi-inactive. I have been really busy so posting things has been tough. I have Spring Break this week, so I may be able to start posting again.

Thanks jabs:)

COngrats on being 5th.

5th is pretty good. How about one of those new Miami marlins shirts?

I 2nd Paul’s request

Congrats on 5th. We are a little disappointed that we came in 21st because we came in 9th last month. We nearly had a thousand more views then last month, but what are you going to do. I think you should do a Pirates t-shirt next. Congrats again.
-Quinn from nybisons

I vote for a Mariners shirt giveaway!

Nats or A’s shirt !

I hope that I’m up there one day!!!

hey maybe you guys can check out my blog sometime http://weareredsoxnation.mlblogs.com/


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