LA Dodgers Shirt Winner

Amy and I just made the LA Dodgers Shirt video. And here’s your winner:


Here’s your past winners:
I’ve given away a Matt Wieters shirt to Joey Orr,
a Brandon Phillips shirt to Matt Jackson,
a Dustin Pedroia shirt to Stephen D,
a Phillies shirt to Connor,
and this Dodgers shirt shirt…

Check back tomorrow for the next giveaway.

There’s only 32 more days until Opening Day!


Tigers! :)))))

Why don’t you just put the teams in a hat and then pick it out that way, just to keep it fair? Good luck to all as always.

Hope I win!!!
I would like some Colorado, Arizona or Tampa!!!

I would suggest something nnobody else would have. Something Athletics related…

Thank you so much Erik!
I hadn’t really thought about that!!!

SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost came away with the shirt, but congrats to Matt Jackson.
-Quinn from nybisons

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