Spring is here in PA!

In Pennsylvania and across the country, records are being set for warmth.  It was 77 degrees in Milwaukee today.  81 in Chicago.  I checked my phone, it was 73 degrees outside.  I asked Amy if she wanted to go hit, she said ‘Of course!’  We went to a local little league park for 11-12 year olds.  Its three fields in one giant space, so there’s really no fences to gauge distance or power, but I just wanted to get some swings in.

I was stuck using my new bat, which I hate.

It’s BBCore so it acts like a wooden bat rather than my old illegal 34 inch 30 ounce bat that balls flew off of like golf balls.  That bat, if you remember, met its death in December of 2011 when it broke while facing minor league pitcher Matt Barnes.

I had brought 17 balls with me to the park, and was focusing on making solid contact.

For the most part, I started terribly.  I kept yanking grounders into foul territory.

I guess I could blame the winter months for the rust.  Possibly the gym.  The bat felt like a wiffle ball bat, so I was out in front of a lot of my self-tosses.

Things came together in my last six swings or so as I started to find my home run swing.

I had one bomb that rolled up the hill behind left field – it was my last hit of round 1.

I had enough energy for another round, but I wanted to make things more interesting, so I headed to right field and hit towards the third base dugout to give myself a fence/target.

I’d say it was only about 275′, so it wasn’t too hard to hit some homers.

I had never tried hitting in this area of the field before, but it was fun.

I like putting on a show for Olivia and Amy.

Here’s a couple more pics and then we’ll wrap this up:

Amy’s favorite pic:

My farthest hit:

Check out the 10 day forecast for Pittsburgh:

Who needs spring training when we have Florida weather here now!

What’s everyone doing to enjoy this nation wide warmth?

On another note, I organized all of my Reds Season Tickets on my lunch break:

And Pirates tickets.

I tear them all out, put each game in its own envelope and sort them by date and venue.

This helps since I do a lot of exchanges.

Can you believe Opening Day is only 22 days away?  And you have until Sunday to win this CC Sabathia shirt!


Its finally Spring. Nice Marlins hat too, I just bought the same hat.

It feels like Spring here in Buffalo too! I don’t like the new bats too.
-Quinn from nybisons

I got my Zimmerman shirt today!!!!!!! Man is it going to look nice next to my CC one.

I don’t know what I think about the hat. I need to see it in action.
I will probably just stick with teal.

Nice Marlins hat. I almost got the bp aht, but I decided on the regular black hat instead.

The Marlins hat is nice, but I can’t help but wonder if I should’ve got a fitted orange one to stand out more. I’m not a fan of fitted hats though.

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