4-7-12 PNC Park

After returning from Cleveland, we headed straight to PNC Park.  Just after arriving at the gates, a special visitor dropped by to say hello to the fans:

Frank Coonelly, team CEO.

Before the gates opened, Zac Weiss, Nick and I played some catch across the street.

When the gates opened, nothing really went my way.  After being shut out for a long while, I got Chris Leroux to toss me my first ball of the day.

He seemed really nice, and laughed when I said, “I can’t wait til June.”  (He’s on the 60 day DL).

My second ball was a glove trick ball.

Ball#3 was a ball that my glove collided with another ballhawk’s glove.  He drifted back and we both were about to make the catch when our gloves clanged together.  The ball popped out and landed on the bleacher, where I caught it off the bounce with my throwing hand.

Ball #4 was a scrum ball.  There was a kid that was also in pursuit of the ball.  I picked it up and flipped it to him:

When the rest of the stadium opened, I ran over to center field, as the other ballhawks all ran up to the right field wall and was able to find 2 balls there.

I didn’t get anything during the Phillies portion, and spent most of it in right field.

Here’s today’s baseballs: (5 pictured because one was given away):

2012 Statistics:
Game: 6 balls
Season: 25 balls
Lifetime: 1,569 balls


Looks like a pretty good day!
-Nicholas Badders

Cool, did you stay for this game?

Do you have a life?

Looks like a great Game!
-Nicholas Badders

I assume the Phillies must bring with them huge crowds of people since they’re also a Pennsylvania team, right?

Hey Erik will you be in DC for Nats home opener ?

I won’t be there for the home opener, but I may go there a few times this month

Will you be on DC for the Nats home opener ?

Cool, looks like you had a great time.
-Quinn from nybisons

Not a bad haul, Erik!

Thats pretty cool how you got to go to two stadiums in one day!

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