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6-9-11 PNC Park

Today was the final day that the Diamondbacks were in town, and I for one, am not sorry to see them leave.  They just don’t hit many balls into the stands, which makes for a boring batting practice.

To make matters worse, the Pirates did not hit today.  They skipped batting practice, so at 5PM, when the gates opened, the Diamondbacks were already on the field hitting.

Upon running in, I was able to get Charles Nagy to toss me ball #1.  Here he is talking to ex-Pirate Zach Duke.

My second ball was tossed to me by Esmerling Vasquez in left field:

And ball #3 was a ground rule double that I snagged in section 136.  Nick Pelescak gets an assist as he slowed the ball down by deflecting it.  Playing ground rule doubles can be a tricky thing.

I snagged it here,

and moments later I snagged another ground rule double for ball #4 in virtually the same spot.

My fifth ball was yet another ground rule double.  It hung up in the air and I snagged it over the man in the light blue shirt.

My sixth and final ball of the day was via the glove trick by the foul pole in left field.

The Diamondbacks stopped hitting at 5:42 PM, I immediately left the park when they were done.

Today’s baseballs:

Sweet spots:

Game:  6 balls (3 hit, 2 thrown, 1 device,)
Season:  192 balls (74 hit, 44 thrown, 49 device, 25 found)
Games: 32 games
Average:  6.00 balls per game
Career:  1,314 balls
Attendance: 12,468

9-19-10 PNC Park

It was a Sunday day game, and there was no batting practice.  I still went to the game though.  Surprisingly, it would be my best game of the week.

From 11-11:30 on Sundays, fans have to stay on the Riverwalk.  They are not allowed to enter the main seating bowl, even if they are season ticket holders.  While I was waiting near the bullpens, Chan Ho Park got my attention and threw me a ball.  He threw it from center field, so I moved back 20 feet before he threw it to give myself plenty of room to make the catch.
Park then motioned for me to give it to a little kid, so I did.  He hooked me up with a second ball for me to keep a minute later.  However, it was a little short and bounced off the flag pole base and over my head.

Luckily, few people were in the park at the time, so I chased it down easily here:
I took 2 rounds on the field with 310-340-360-340-310 dimensions and had one home run – over the 340 sign in left center.

9-18-10 PNC Park

Ballhawking wise, today was a tough day for me.  It was a Saturday, which means that we have an extra half hour of BP, but it would yield very few opportunities.

The Pirates were missing Lastings Milledge, who isn’t allowed to participate in BP until his strained oblique muscle heals.  The rest of the Pirates were doing an awful job of driving balls into the seats.

I got one and only one ball during the Pirates entire portion of batting practice, and it was a Pedro Ciriaco ground rule double that I chased down here:
When the Diamondbacks came out, I moved over to center field, as their first two or three groups feature primarily left handed batters.

In center field, fellow ballhawk Nick Pelescak and I were getting out ballhawked by two random teenagers, who kept getting lucky bounces or balls hit right at them.  Nick told me, “These d-bags have four combined and we only have three.  We need to step our game up.”  A bit later, I snagged a ground rule double that took a room service hop right at Nick’s glove.  One of the teens, featured here walking up the steps,
Game:  4 balls ( 1 hit, 2 thrown, 1 found )
Season:  525 balls (252 hit, 124 thrown, 72 device, 77 found)
Games: 82 games
Average:  6.40 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 5
Career:  1,103 balls
Streak:  178 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 25,981
Jabs/Pelescak Combination in 2010: 926 balls
Balls needed to break single season record: 19