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7-20-10 PNC Park

Today got off to a really slow start.  I didn’t snag my first ball until near the end of Pirates batting practice.

Lastings Milledge hit a home run that ended up in the upper bleachers.  As I ran up to get it, another ball narrowly missed hitting me on my way up the stairs.  I continued up the stairs to snag ball #1.
At the end of Pirates BP, Ross Ohlendorf tossed me ball #2.

That was all I got from the Pirates in the first 30 minutes.  A bit frustrating. 

Not long after the Brewers started hitting, Rickie Weeks hit a home run ball that was directly in the sun.  I tracked the ball most of the way, but lost it at the last second.  Luckily, the ball landed right next to me in the front row.  Another ballhawk inexplicably threw his glove at the ball, which missed and ended up on the field, so I was able to dodge the glove and snag ball #3.    It had the number ‘8’ written on it.

I used the glove trick to snag ball #4 near the bullpen.

A ball had settled up against the wall and made for an easy snag.  All I had to do was make sure Marcus Hanel, who despises the glove trick, wasn’t watching.
7-20-10 (2).JPG
I left after the third inning as I still needed to get to the gym and it was already almost 8:30pm.

Here are today’s baseballs:
7-20-10 (13).JPG
Sweet spots:
7-20-10 (12).JPG
Game:  9 balls (4 hit, 2 device, 3 thrown)
Season:  304 balls (160 hit, 70 thrown, 31 device, 43 found)
Games: 47 games
Average:  6.47 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  882 balls
Streak:  143 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 13,202

7-2-10 PNC Park

Another day at PNC Park, and another crowd of Phillies fans to deal with throughout batting practice.

Luckily, PNC Park has season ticket holder early entrance, where the season ticket holders get thirty minutes of BP without the general public.  That would be huge for me today, as all four of my baseballs would come during the first thirty minutes.

I was second in line behind Nick Pelescak, so I knew that I probably would be second into the bleachers, putting me at a slight disadvantage for grabbing easter eggs.  However, Nick brought a curse on himself about two minutes before the gates opened by accidentally touching a cursed baseball.

The baseball in question is brought by a semi regular man who is disabled and can’t speak, but loves to play catch with a minor league baseball.  I played catch with him last year and had a ridiculously awful game.  The only explanation was that I had touched that baseball.  I thought to myself, “That ball is cursed,”  and haven’t touched it since.  Whenever he gestures to toss me the ball, I make a frown and wave him off.

After watching Nick have some terrible luck on Thursday, I realized that he had played catch with Baseball Joe in line.  I warned him later on that night to stay away from the cursed baseball.

Well, Nick was handed the ball by another ballhawk and immediately realized that he was again, cursed.

Two minutes later the gates opened, and for the first time ever, Nick’s ticket wouldn’t scan.  Also, out of nowhere, another ticket scanner appeared and scanned my ticket, thus I bypassed Nick and was first into the bleachers.  The curse of Baseball Joe.  His misfortune was my luck, I found ball #1 laying in the front row.

My second ball came about two minutes later off the bat of Jose Tabata.  It was a home run that would’ve landed in the first or second row.  Two other ballhawks had the position and were lined up to make the catch.  I was in the third row, hoping that the ball would continue to carry, but it didn’t.  At the last second, both ballhawks who were positioned to make the catch had to bail on their position because they lost the ball in the ridiculously bright sun.
I never lost sight of the ball, and made an outstretched basket catch, for ball #2 here:
Game:  4 balls (3 hit, 1 found)
Season:  276 balls (149 hit, 64 thrown, 26 device, 38 found)
Games: 43 games
Average:  6.42 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  854 balls
Streak:  139 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 30,339

6-18-10 PNC Park

I had the opportunity to watch batting practice on the field today.  I had to be in the Pirates administrative offices at 4:15, where I would receive a lanyard and Suite tickets for tonight’s game.
6-18-10 (34).jpg
However, the downfall of this opportunity is that the participants must stay in a small 15×15 area or so in center field.  So snagging balls isn’t that easy.
6-18-10 (3).JPG
Game:  8 balls (4 hit, 2 thrown, 1 device, 1 found)
Season:  234 balls (126 hit, 59 thrown, 22 device, 27 found)
Games: 36 games
Average:  6.50 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  812 balls
Streak:  132 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 28,478

6-17-10 PNC Park

Had a good day today at PNC Park.

Shortly after running into the bleachers and finding zero easter eggs, Garrett Jones hit a ground rule double down the line that landed in the section to my right.  I ran over and claimed ball #1 as it rolled down the stairs after bouncing off a bleacher.
6-17-10 (1).JPG
My second ball was a Ronny Cedeno home run catch.  He hit a towering fly ball that I ran a section and a half to my right and made the clean catch in the third row back.
6-17-10 (2).JPG
As for the game, the outfield was crowded so I didn’t get close on any of the between inning toss ups from the outfielders.

The Pirates would also go on to lose their eleventh game in a row.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day – I’ll be in the park
extra early – details to come.

Today’s baseballs: (10 are pictured because one was given away)
6-17-10 (19).JPG
Sweet spots: (10 are pictured because #804 was given away)
6-17-10 (18).JPG
Game:  11 balls (8 hit, 1 thrown, 2 device)
Season:  226 balls (122 hit, 57 thrown, 21 device, 26 found)
Games: 35 games
Average:  6.46 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  804 balls
Streak:  131 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 23,170

6-16-10 PNC Park : Pedro Alvarez debut

The Pirates #1 prospect finally arrived in the major leagues.  He didn’t hit too many home runs in batting practice, but did hit one that cleared everything and sailed over section 139 in dead center on its way to the river.

As for my day, it got off to a good start.

I found ball #1 laying in the front row in left field when I ran in.

A few minutes later I got ball #2 from assistant pitching coach Ray Searage in left field. 
6-16-10 (1).JPG
He did a no look toss that fell about two rows short to me, but no one else was in the vicinity, so I had to to recover and get the ball.

My third ball of the day was a Lastings Milledge home run caught on the fly in this area:
6-16-10 (4).JPG
6-16-10 (20).JPG
6-16-10 (18).JPG
This made toss ups difficult, and the closest I came was probably five feet from a McCutchen toss up in the 5th inning, but it didn’t happen.

By the way, here’s video of Pedro’s first major league at bat:

Here are today’s baseballs:
6-16-10 (22).JPG
Sweet spots:
6-16-10 (21).JPG
Game:  9 balls (4 hit, 3 thrown, 2 found)
Season:  215 balls (114 hit, 56 thrown, 19 device, 26 found)
Games: 34 games
Average:  6.32 balls per game
2010 Game Balls: 3
Career:  793 balls
Streak:  130 consecutive games attended with at least 1 ball snagged.
Attendance: 15,218

7-25-09 Canal Park

I decided to make a trip to Akron OH today.  The reason was two fold.  One, I found someone willing to part with 4th row Dave Matthews Band tickets.  Two, the Altoona Curve (Pirates AA affiliate) were in Akron for a weekend series.

I began by visiting a hotel in Akron OH to buy the DMB tickets.  I didn’t buy the tickets off just any DMB fan.  I bought them off a professional softball player.  Her name was Nicole Trimboli, and she is one of the stand outs for the Chicago Bandits pro softball team.  They had a series against Akron’s pro softball team.  If you’re not a softball fan, you’ve probably heard of one of her teammates – widely regarded as the most popular softball player of all time – Jennie Finch.

I didn’t meet Finch, but I met some of her teammates, one of whom I sold DMB tickets to.

Upon arriving at Canal Park, there was no batting practice, so I searched beyond the left field fence and found three baseballs.

One was a Major League Baseball, well used.  (And no, it doesn’t count in my official collection – only balls at MLB games do – regular and post season).

I then watched the Altoona Curve warm up, and snapped some photos of the Pittsburgh Pirates top prospects.

Jose Tabata stretching:
100_1963.jpgGorkys Hernandez chats with his girlfriend:
Pedro Alvarez signs a baseball for me.  That’s right!  I got him to sign an Arizona Fall League ball that I had with me.
100_1966.jpgDuring the game, we sat down the right field line, because all of the sections were basically empty.  I was hoping to get a game ball.  I wouldn’t have to wait long.

Up stepped the #1 prospect in the Cleveland Indians system, Carlos Santana.
top prospects.jpgSantana had 117 RBI last year, and already has 70 RBI this year.

Santana dug into the box and lauched a deep fly ball to left field.  It was a three run home run.  The ball bounced off a concrete walkway behind the left field wall, took a huge hop into some trees and disappeared.

I didn’t wait.  I left the stadium and ran the entire way to the area behind the left field wall to claim the ball.  I looked in the trees and the area behind the wall.  I didn’t see it.  Then I checked the water.

There it was.
It was floating towards a 20 foot high water fall.
If I didn’t act fast, the ball was a goner.  It was about 15-20 feet from the falls when I got to the scene.  I grabbed onto the railing, laid flat on my stomach and reached as far down as I could into the canal.  I was just barely able to grab the ball.

It was a perfect Eastern League ball, what I had been after all day.
It was also my first game home run ball of the season.  Although it won’t count in my major league official stats, it’s still a keeper.

Hopefully Carlos Santana becomes a star for the Indians in a year or two.

I stayed outside the park for an inning and a half, hoping to get another homer.  (If I wanted to, I could watch the entire game outside the park for free, and have almost a 100% chance of getting any home runs that came out.)
photo(174).jpgI re-entered the park, buying the cheapest ticket.

A few action shots:

Jose Tabata
100_1969.jpgPedro Alvarez (doing a Derek Jeter’esque time out request)
100_1972.jpgPedro would take the next pitch deep.  The ball cleared both bullpens and hit just below the scoreboard in right center field.  It had to be about 450 feet or more.  It was a bomb.
100_1971.jpgAlvarez congratulated at home plate:
100_1973.jpgPedro Alvarez now has 20 HR and 70 RBI’s this season.

The Pirates home run leader is Garett Jones with 10, and the RBI leader is Andy LaRoche with 37.

Needless to say, I can’t wait until Pedro Alvarez is on the big league club.

Here’s a look at today’s baseballs:
And the sweet spots (I decided to number minor league baseballs in black ink.  I do all baseballs obtained at MLB games in blue ink)
100_1977.jpgAnd by the way, since I mentioned Jennie Finch, how about a run down of the top 100 female athletes of all time?  I got these from the bleacher report

100. Ashley Harkleroad, tennis
99.  Christa Alves, surfer

98. Candace Parker, basketball

97.  Anni Friesinger-Postma, skater

96.  Sandra Gal, golf
95.  Jeannette Lee,
94.  Katarina Witt, skating

93.  Kari Traa, skiing

92.   Hope Solo, soccer

91.  Biba Golic, ping pong

90.  Mia St John, boxing

89.  Gretchen Bleiler, snowboarding

88.  Logan Tom, volleyball

87.      Erin Phillips, basketball

86.  Hannah Teter, snowboarding

85.  Kimberly Lansing, poker

84.  Missy Gibson, surfer

83.  Ashley Constantine, surfer

82.  Kiira Korpi

81.  Kajsa Bergqvist, high jumper

80.  Jennie Finch

79.  Sasha Cohen, figure skater

78.  Christina Vukicevic, hurdles

77.  Amy Acuff, high jump

76.  Lolo Jones, hurdles

75.  Dallas Friday, wakeboarder

74.  Gabrielle Reece

73.  Vera Zvonareva, tennis

72.   Jamie Sale, skater

71.  Trish Stratus, WWE Wrestler

70.  Clair Bidez, snowboarder

69.  Victoria Azarenka, tennis

68.  Allison Baver, speed skater

67.  Alina Kabaeva, gymnast

66.  Misty May, volleyball

65.  Ana Paula Mancino, volleyball

64.  Lacy Schnoor, freestyle skiier

63.  Amanda Beard, swimmer

62.  Lara Gut,  skiier

61.  Natalie Gulbis

60.  Linn Haug, snowboarder

59.  Milene Domingues, soccer

58.  Juliana Veloso, swimmer

57.  Victoria Vanucci, tennis

56.  Daniela Hantuchova, tennis

55.  Laisa Andriolo, soccer

54.  Danica Patrick, NASCAR

53.  Caroline Wozniacki, tennis

52.  Tatiana Grigorieva, pole vaulter

51.  Bianca Cruz, softball, and Jason Pridie’s girlfriend

50.  Liv Boeree, poker

49.  Tanith Belbin, ice dancer

48.  Ashley Force Hood, NHRA Funny Car driver

47.  Maria Verchenova

46.  Claudia Toth, curling

45.  Anna Rowson, golf

44.  Stephanie Rice, swimming

43.  Maria Kirilenko, tennis

42.  Alona Bondarenko, tennis

41.  Kristi Leskinen, freestyle skiier

40.  Michelle Waterson, karate

39.  Maria Sharapova, tennis

38.  Ashley Massaro, pro wrestler

37.  Jenn Brown, softball

36.  Miesha Tate, MMA

35.  Allison Stokke, pole vaulter

34.  Torrie Wilson, WWE WCW Wrestler

33.  Anna Kournikova, tennis

32.  Gina Carano, MMA

31.  Nastia Liukin

30.  Zlata, gymnast

29.  Blair O’Neal, golf

28.  Jennifer Barretta, pool

27.  Heather Mitts, soccer

26.  Anastasia Luppova, billiards

25.  Taira Turley, football

24.  Tapai Szabina, handball

23.  Kyra Gracie, Jiu-Jitsu and grappler

22.  Bia Feres and Branca Feres, swimmers

21.  Lindsey Vonn, skiier

20.  Anastasia Ashley, surfer

19.  Alex Morgan

18.  Sophie Horn, golf

17.  Brie Bella and Nikki Bella, wrestlers

16.  Sara Galimberti, track

15.  Maria Kanellis, WWE

14.  Amanda Coetzer, tennis

13. Lokelani McMichael, surfer and triathlete

12.  Anna Semenovich, ice dancer

11.  Melanie Adams, Pole Vaulter

10.  Tania Archer, sprinter

9.  Stacy Keibler, WCW and WWE Wrestler

8.  Ana Ivanovic, tennis

7.  Lauryn Eagle, pro boxer

6.  Kim Glass, volleyball

5.  Leryn Franco, javelin

4.  Shanelle Loraine, billiards

3.  Malia Jones

2.  Niki Gudex, cyclist

1.  Alana Blanchard, surfer

Hopefully that makes this entry a little more interesting, since it was a minor league game I attended.
Minors Statistics:
Minors Game: 4 balls (3 hit, 1 thrown)
Minors Season:  6 balls (5 hit, 1 thrown)
Minors Career:  6 balls